Spiritual Gift of Encouragement

Encouragement (Rom. 12:8; Heb. 10:24-25)


The spiritual gift of Encouragement, also called exhortation, is and supernatural ability to strengthen and edify believers in their walk with God.

People who have this gift of encouragement do not merely possess a bubbly personality but are instruments of God that brings hope to people who are discouraged or need to be strengthened. This gift is vital to the body of Christ because of spiritual warfare and the troubles of life that weigh on every believer.

Examples from the Scripture:
One of the clearest examples of the gift of encouragement is found in the life of the apostle Joseph, also called Barnabas (Acts 4:36). This man was so known for building up people that they began to call him Barnabas, a name meaning “son of encouragement.”

When this gift is present:
The gift of encouragement is like a breath of fresh air. When you are around a person who truly possesses this gift you cannot help but feel encouraged to accomplish the dreams and purposes that God has placed in your heart.

When this gift is absent:
Without the gift of encouragement, it is easy for the Church to become disillusioned and distracted by the challenges of earthly struggles and spiritual warfare.

In the life of Jesus:
Throughout the ministry of Jesus we see him continually encouraging people (Matthew 6:25-33) (Matthew 19:14).

Do you have the spiritual gift of Encouragement?

* Do people thank you for encouraging them?
* Do you have the ability to see and relay God’s perspective when people are going through a difficult time in life?
* Do you have a strong desire to minister to those that are hurting and needy?
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Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of Encouragement:
* Remind your pastors and leaders what they mean to you.
* Let someone know what one of their strengths is.
* Spend time praying that God would strengthen this gifting.
* Check out our Bible Studies on spiritual gifts.
* Check out our videos and interviews.
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Ministry opportunities:
* Care ministry
* Support groups
* Recovery ministry
* Hospital visitation
* Prison ministry
* Counseling

Where do I go from here?
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