Spiritual Gift of the Word of Wisdom

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Word of Wisdom (1 Cor. 12:8; Luke 6:9)


The spiritual gift of the Word of Wisdom is the supernatural ability to speak a timely word brought forth by the Holy Spirit to bring peace and counsel.

People who are used in the Word of Wisdom carry the grace of God on their lives to impart God’s perspective in the middle of trying situations.

Example from the Scripture:
An example of The Word of Wisdom can be found in Acts 15 when the early Church faced a massive challenge. As the council of elders met in Jerusalem to discuss how they were to handle God pouring out his Spirit on gentiles the apostle James was used by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s wisdom and resolve the problem (Acts 15:13-22).

When this gift is present:
When The Word of Wisdom is active in a local church confusing problems and difficult situation are navigated through in a God-glorifying way.

When this gift is absent:
When The Word of Wisdom is absent in a local church decisions are solely made through human calculations and earthly wisdom.

In the Life of Jesus:
From the time Jesus was a child the Scriptures tell us that he was “filled with wisdom.” As he began his ministry the crowds marveled at his wisdom (Mark 6:2), and he confounded the Scribes who were trying to trap him with his words (Luke 20:39-40).

Do you have the spiritual gift of the Word of Wisdom?

* Do people seek you for wisdom when they are in trying or difficult situations?
* Do you regularly have a perspective on problems that brings people peace and resolution?
* Does the Holy Spirit lead you share certain scriptures or stories that help people in their difficult problems?
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Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of the Word of Wisdom:
* Ask your pastor if there is an opportunity to counsel people who are in need of clarity or direction.
* Spend time praying that God would strengthen this gifting.
* Check out our Bible Studies on spiritual gifts.
* Check out our videos and interviews.
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Ministry opportunities:
* Prayer team
* Counseling

Where do I go from here?
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