The Working of Miracles

Working of Miracles (1 Cor. 12:10; Acts 6:8)

The Working of Miracles is a spiritual gift and supernatural ability to exercise power over laws of nature for the purpose of bringing glory to God.

The Working of Miracles is a not an everyday event. If it was it would not be a miracle. Those who possess this gift are used by God to capture peoples attention that the God of the Bible is alive and active in their midst.

Example from the Scripture:
The Scriptures show us many people that were used in this Working of Miracles, including Moses (Exodus 4:30); Stephen (Acts 6:8); and the apostle Paul (Acts 28:6).

When this gift is present:
When the Working of Miracles is active in a church there is a belief that even the most impossible situation can turn around in a moment with God’s intervention.

When this gift is absent:
When the Working of Miracles is absent in a local church there is little expectancy for miracles to take place or God to intervene in impossible situations.

In the Life of Jesus:
The life of Jesus is consistently marked with the miraculous. From his first miracle of turning water into wine (John 2:1-11) to him calming the storm (Mark 4:35-41) feeding the 5,000 (Mark 6:44) and walking on water (Mark 6:48).

Do you have the spiritual gift of the Working of Miracles?

* Do you believe that God can perform miracles through your life?
* Do you believe God desires to use you miraculously?
* Have you witnessed God use you in recordable miracle?
* Take our free spiritual gift test

Practical ways to implement and develop the spiritual gift of the Working of Miracles:
* Pray for people and situations who are in need of miraculous intervention.
* Spend time praying that God would strengthen this gifting.
* Check out our Bible Studies on spiritual gifts.
* Check out our videos and interviews.
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Ministry opportunities:
* Prayer team
* Hospital visitation
* Evangelism team

Where do I go from here?
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