Ministry Endorsements

David L. Thomas

Picture of Pastor David Thomas“I love when God gives a person wisdom and grace beyond their years or experience. Such is the case with Jared Ruddy. Jared carries something God has imparted into his life that enables him to connect with a mix of generations and denominations. He walks in honor of his elders but is not backward about giving his insight for which everyone in the room is thankful. Jared thinks before he speaks and when you hear him it is evident that he speaks from a deep well and you want to ask his age again. This young man has a Kingdom mindset and is demonstrating attributes in his life that many of us far older are emulating for our own lives. I give a hearty endorsement to Jared Ruddy and am thankful that he is in the Kingdom for such a time as this.”

David L. Thomas
Lead Pastor Victory Christian Center
Founder and President Next Level Leadership Network
Founding Member John Maxwell Team

Robert Stearns

Picture of Robert StrearnsIn this hour God is raising up voices to awaken the Church to her divine purpose and empower believers to fulfill their destiny in the earth.  Jared Ruddy is one such voice, issuing a clarion call in this most pivotal season. His Word-based ministry, and passion to see this generation transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit, will most definitely bless your congregation and ministry.

Robert Stearns

Eagles Wings Ministries




Wade Taylor

Wade E Taylor“I have personally known Jared Ruddy for several years, and can testify to his sincere desire to live a committed life, both personally and in relation to his calling and ministry. Jared has a genuine call to minister the word of God. He has an unusual prophetic anointing resting upon his life. He has a burden to bring the lost to Jesus and to minister a deeper life message to those who are saved and seek something further. Without hesitation, I can recommend Jared as being a true servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Wade E Taylor
President of Parousia Ministries/ Founder of Pinecrest Bible Institute



Tommy Reid

1370883899It is my great pleasure to commend to you the very effective ministry of a young preacher Rev. Jared Ruddy. It is seldom that a young man as dynamic and anointed appears on the scene. As those the nation of Israel was looking for and the coming of the Messiah, the church and the world today is looking for a young man with the kind of anointing I see in Jared. I am firmly convinced that this young man will truly impact the world. Jared is also a great communicator of the Word of God. He can expound on a passage of scripture and make it come alive. But more than just a Biblical  preacher, something happens in the room when Jared begins to minister to the sick, and those in need of the miracle working power of Jesus. It would only be an understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit that could explain the effectiveness of this ministry. I highly and without reservation recommend to you the ministry of my friend, Jared Ruddy.

Bishop Emeritus Tommy Reid
The Tabernacle & COVnet
Orchard Park, New York

Andre Van Zyl

1401899831It is such a joy to present to the body of Christ a fresh gift by name of Jared Ruddy.  Jared carries a very strong call upon his life and there is no doubt that this young man will touch many in his life time.  Jacob came from the presence of God limping as a sign that he had been with God.  Jeremiah stuttered no more after being touched by God and became the prophet God destined him to be.  Jared Ruddy carries that touch that many churches and people desperately need.  Jared is destined to bring God’s Glory back to His house.  Jared Ruddy is God’s choice and mine.

Evangelist Andre van Zyl
Good News to the Nations & Vice President of Legacy
Atlanta, Georgia



James Ruddy

picture of james ruddy“But ye know the proof of him, that, as a son with the father, he hath served with me in the gospel.”  Philippians 2:22 I can say of my son, Jared, these same words written by the Apostle Paul about Timothy, his son in the faith.  Jared is the voice of a rising generation that is passionately pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and has been equipped by God to help others do the same.  A student of Scripture and Church History, Jared possesses a unique way of communicating the truth of God’s word to people of all ages. His messages create an intense hunger for intimacy with God and empower believers to step out in demonstrating the power of the Gospel to the lost. In addition to being an excellent communicator, Jared carries a wonderful anointing for healing and the miraculous. His ministry around the altar is marked by the supernatural that produces tangible and lasting results. Having ministered to our congregation on several occasions, his ministry is best defined as “No hype – but naturally supernatural!”  I highly recommend Jared and believe that your congregation will be blessed by his presence and ministry in your church.

Pastor James Ruddy
Senior/ Executive pastor of The Tabernacle
Orchard Park, New York

Pat Schatzline

picture of pat

We must realize that a life lived absent of the power of God is not what God has in mind for us. The simple and profound message is that with God nothing is impossible. Thank you Jared for stirring our hearts to want more of God and less of the world. The army of God is on the rise.”

Pat Schatzline
Evangelist and author
Remnant Ministries International
Trussville, Alabama




Dennis Shearer

dennis-shearer “I first met Jared in 2005 and have watched his calling evolve and ministry develop through the years. I have witnessed closely his unique gifting blended with his personality work together in both effective communication and spiritually penetrating ministry. Because I believe that ministry is most effective when it connected to authentic relationships, I rarely right recommendations for people unless there is a definitive degree of relationship that warrants such endorsement. In this case, Jared is a ministry worthy of investigation, evaluation and potential identification with. A relative prophetic word through preaching and discerning ministry to individuals marks his ministry, as well as the ability to share insightful understanding of the spiritual climate of a church and community enhance the reason why his coming to minister is a blessing.”

Lead Pastor Dennis Shearer
Pastor, Dover Foursquare Church
Dover, Ohio Grace Covenant Ministries

Jason Frenn

picture of Jason Frenn

“Jared Ruddy is a modern-day prophet. When I think of the gift that God has given him, I am reminded of how God spoke to Samuel as a young man and anointed him to impact a nation. The word that God has given Jared will challenge your church and greatly impact the world…”

Jason Frenn
International conference speaker, best-selling author
Irvine, California






Joshua Finley

Pastor Josh Finley

“I’ve only met a few people in my life who have an equal passion and expertise in the areas of theology, supernatural gifts of the Spirit and local church strategy. Jared Ruddy is one of those leaders in the Body today.God has uncommonly graced Jared with a sharp mind, discerning spirit and prophetic voice. I highly recommend him and his ministry.”

Joshua Finley
Lead Pastor of Elim Gospel Church
Lima, NY

Dan Hamlin

danRecently we had the joy of receiving the ministry of Revivalist Jared Ruddy.  We were introduced to Jared in the summer of 2007, when he ministered on our campus in connection with “Breakout”, an area-wide evangelistic ministry of youth to our local region. As Jared was teaching the Word of God and releasing impartation in our sanctuary, to the hundreds of youth participating, I began receiving numerous requests from my church staff for permission to join the youth and sit under his ministry. Just a few weeks ago Jared joined us again for one of our Wednesday night prayer, healing and impartation meetings.  Many received healing that night as Jared, once again, instructed, demonstrated and led the people in releasing the anointing of God to minister to one another. If you, like I lead a church or group that is determined to walk out the prayer that Jesus taught us, “…may Your kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”, then you will benefit greatly from the ministry of Jared Ruddy.

Pastor Dan Hamlin
New Covenant Tabernacle
Tonawanda, New York

David Olinger

DavidOlingerPic1-McUJared Ruddy has been one of my closest friends for over 7 years. Having spent a year at Bible school with Jared and having ministered along side him many times over the years, I can’t think of anyone that I respect and admire more than Jared. He is a wonderful communicator, very gifted teacher, and has a strong prophetic gifting. Perhaps that most notable quality of Jared, however, is his uncompromising devotion to Jesus Christ. Jared has the highest level of integrity and outstanding character of anyone I know. His passion for God’s truth is evident in his manner of living and his diligent service to the Body of Christ. I can highly recommend Jared as a minister of the Gospel and a true servant of Christ.

David Olinger
Associate Pastor Awake Church
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Daniel Newton

Daniel NewtonJared Ruddy has been one of my closest and dearest friends for over 12 years. I have watched him grow and develop from a young believer to an upright man of God with uncompromising core values. Throughout this time, I have seen the vast depth of his personal relationship with the Lord. He has wisdom beyond his years and presents the pure Gospel powerfully with grace and truth. Jared is a strong prophetic voice for this generation. He couples this calling with a passion for seeing the revelation of Grace revealed in the Body of Christ today. I strongly recommend Jared Ruddy to your ministry, as I know he will help you and your church grow immensely.

Daniel Newton
Apostolic Invasion Ministries
Redding, California


David Grobler

10620758_10152784598591654_6757860590585413081_nJared Ruddy was introduced to our church in 2008 and from the first sermon he gave, it was clear that he knew how to honor the hosting house while establishing the Kingdom through his ministry. Our church has hosted Jared Ruddy for 3 annual conferences called “Re: Allign Prophetic Conference” in which he was the main speaker. These conferences will continue due to there success and clearly the need, which Jared’s prophetic ministry meets. What marks his ministry is the ability to clearly communicate scriptural truths combined with and accurate and wise expression of the gift of prophecy and gift of Knowledge. I can wholeheartedly recommend Jared Ruddy knowing that he adds Kingdom value to the body of Christ.

Pastor David Grobler
Lead Pastor of Unite 180 Church
Pretoria, South Africa


Jesse Miller

IMG_91511I have had the privilege of City Lights Church with Jared over the past few years, and I have come to value not only his friendship but his leadership ability and incredible wisdom. God has gifted Jared with an the ability to propel those who hear him to a new level of zeal and better understanding of the Gospel. I would recommend Jared’s ministry to any church that is ready to be stirred with a fresh view of the gospel.

Jesse Miller
Lead Pastor City Lights Church
Scranton, Pennsylvania


Paul Drost

page17_picture0_1315939349I commend to you the ministry of Jared Ruddy. He has ministered on more than one occasion at Grace Assembly of God Bel Air, MD. His ministry is fresh, anointed, biblically sound, and relevant. His messages build faith and encouragement in the congregation. The ministry of the Word has been accompanied with wonderful gifts of healing and encouraging prophetic words. Another noteworthy facet of Jared’s ministry is his desire to equip the church body for ministry rather than his being the center of ministry. His refreshing and inviting style bring a wonderful dimension to the entire church; edifying, instructing and encouraging all, from the newest to the most seasoned follower of Jesus. I recommend Jared Ruddy without reservation.

Pastor Paul Drost
Lead Pastor Grace Assembly of God
Former National Director of Church Planting for the Assemblies of God in the U.S.A.
Bel Air, Maryland 


Rich Cline

Rich-and-Judy-197x200 have watched with interest the spiritual and ministry development of this young evangelist. His gifting and maturity defy his age. I have hosted Jared on several occasions at my local church, and on every occasion I found Jared to be sincere, mature and a capable minister of the Gospel. Our church family has responded well to Jared on each ministry event. I have also visited in his “church plant” and found him to be an effective leader in that setting as well. Additionally, though I had met Jared first I have since learned that  Jared comes from a family of qualified ministers. Therefore, I can confidently recommend Jared and his ministry to you or to any who would be considering ministry with Jared Ruddy.

Pastor Rich Cline
Lead Pastor Cornerstone Fellowship
Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania

Rob Coscia

1097937_10100361691908358_930703683_nJared is at the forefront of what God is doing in the earth today. His passion for God’s presence, love for people, and ability to communicate kingdom ideas in every day life makes him one of the most amazing leaders in the body of Christ that I know. Jared combines the inheritance of a multi-generational wisdom with revelatory insights into today’s generations that truly connect people to what the Lord is saying to individuals, cities, and nations. He makes the supernatural natural, and equips people to live brilliantly in God’s power and purposes for their lives. No matter the venue or circumstance, Jared carries a transformational atmosphere that honors God and changes lives.

Pastor Rob Coscia
Diamond Valley Church
Dallas, Pennsylvania







Lanora Morin

LaNora-Morin-CoachWhen Jared Ruddy came to minister for our Bible school, Fountain Gate School of Practical Ministry, he exceeded our highest expectations. His teaching gift is filled with fresh revelation and practical application. As well, he moved among the people with an accurate word of knowledge and healing . We had several testimonies of healings from those who attended. As well, he brought encouragement and refreshing to the pastors of our church. I appreciate Jared’s integrity,wisdom,strength of character,and reflection of Christ in all that he does. I can unreservedly recommend him to pastors and leaders as an asset and gift from God to your ministry!

LaNora Morin
Founder of Fountain Gate International
Phoenix, Arizona


Abner Suarez

abnerIt is an honor to commend to you the ministry of Jared Ruddy. Jared is one of many young generals the Holy Spirit is strategically releasing in the earth to facilitate a wonderful reformation of the Church. His experience in G-d and ministry far exceed his age. He carries a prophetic anointing to declare what the Holy is speaking as well as an apostolic grace to implement what is being spoken. As you partner with him, you will come to know a man of integrity and holiness who is a friend of God and friend to the Church.

Abner Suarez
For Such A Time As This, Inc.
Dunn, NC


Craig Campbell

picture of pastor craig campbell

As a pastor, I have appreciated Jared’s heart so much because it is evident he loves Jesus and he loves the local church. He’s not only a prophetic voice to this generation, but he is passionate about building God’s kingdom and seeing the Holy Spirit impact our current culture. He ministers a powerful expression of the gospel that brings encouragement and edification to the church and transformational grace to the community. On a more personal note, I’ve witnessed Jared’s humility and his desire to see Christ glorified through his life. He is a wonderful friend who has been a blessing to me and with great joy I give him my full recommendation.

Craig Campbell
Lead Pastor Faith Tabernacle
Lockport, Ny

Josh Garner

picture of pastor josh garner

I first met Jared when he was only 21. He was speaking at my father-in-law’s church and he surprised everyone with his wisdom. Jared was born to preach. He’s a naturally gifted communicator but he also carries a large knowledge of the Bible and a prophetic anointing that rivals people twice his age. But the best part of Jared is being in relationship with him. He is trustworthy and encouraging. Get in a relationship with him and let God change your life through this incredible man of God.

Josh Garner
Staff Pastor at New Life City
Albuquerque, NM

Dan Miller

picture of dan miller







An apt description of Jared Ruddy would be “wise in the ways of the Lord beyond his youth.” His grasp of that which needs to be accomplished in a church service or revival meeting is a confirmation of the anointing that is on his life. His “off platform” ministry and “outside the church building” life are a testimony to his sincerity and relationship with Jesus. When you have Jared as a minister at your event, come expecting and you will not be disappointed.

Lead Pastor Dan Miller
Clarks Green Assembly
Clarks Green, Pennsylvania

Jerry Steingard


Since the day I met Jared, I have been very impressed with his humility and quiet confidence and boldness. I find Jared to be a Kingdom-minded and Spirit-led young man who demonstrates a strong commitment to the Word of God and carries a wealth of knowledge and wisdom beyond his years. Our church appreciated his strong biblical preaching and his sharp prophetic ministry. Forerunners like Jared give me great hope for the upcoming younger generation that God is raising up in these exciting last days. We look forward to having him back to our church next year.

Jerry Steingard
Senior Leader
Stratford, Ontario

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